My really simple killer tip for great photos

Updated: May 2, 2018

I've been taking photos since I was a child, and I've learned a huge amount in those 30-something years. But there's one piece of advice I always give to people about taking better photos.

I was thinking about it last week when I was photographing Teatro Theatre School's Tom's Midnight Garden at the Royal Spa Centre. It was a reasonably unusual job, in that it was a live performance - I normally photograph dress rehearsals so that I can work without disturbing paying customers.

Tom's Midnight Garden, Teatro Theatre School, Royal Spa Centre, David Fawbert Photography

But I love a challenge, so I arrived at the theatre a bit early, had a good chat with the director and duty manager about where I could work safely, where the key scenes would be happening, and where the majority of the audience would be sitting.

And I was really pleased with the results. It's true that constraints breed creativity - I had to work hard to make sure I got some fantastic images, while the audience could be fully immersed in the show.

Which didn't mean I stayed in one place, but I was further from the stage than normal, had to predict where the action was about to happen so I could slowly move there beforehand and had to time my shots so that the shutter sound didn't ruin poignant moments.

Which leads me to my killer tip. It's really, really simple.


That's it. Just move. Use your legs. Bend your knees. Lean to the side. Anything that's going to get you better images.

If you're taking photos of your kids, bend down to their level so you get their face and not the top of their head. Try getting closer to something rather than zooming in. If there's a messy background, take a step to the side and see if it's better.

It's so simple, but so easy to forget. Just experiment, see what works for you, get out there and take photos.

Look out for more images from Tom's Midnight Garden on my Facebook page soon.

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Tom's Midnight Garden, Teatro Theatre School, Royal Spa Centre, , David Fawbert Photography

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