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Today, most modern panel factories produce panels for seamless installation of houses with insulated facade panels.

Results. Panel, monolithic and brick houses differ mainly in the following parameters:

- There are fewer interfloor joints in a monolith, in a panel house they are sealed with concrete, and after 50 years they must be processed

– An interior wall made at a panel factory is more durable.

- In a monolithic house, there are more diverse layouts, and in a panel house, it is difficult to re-plan an apartment.

- A panel house is assembled at the rate of delivery of panels from the factory, but a monolithic house cannot be poured faster.

- Brickwork can also be found today, but mainly it is used for interior partitions in a monolithic frame. As a rule, such partitions do not carry a vertical load and can be demolished during redevelopment.

- Facade bricks decorate the exterior of the building, that is, it seems to the consumer that the house is built of bricks, although in reality it is a monolithic frame, the facade is made of foam concrete blocks, and then lined with decorative bricks.

– We dispelled two myths: 1) you can’t pour concrete in the cold; 2) panel walls are thinner than a monolith.


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